Maggie’s artistic journey started with her early love for painting and design. She expressed her creative skills and artistic desires through art and interior designing, before turning to photography as a medium to bring her ideas to life. Gifted with a keen eye for beauty, she began photographing everything beautiful, especially her children. What started out as a hobby became a lifelong passion. She began to receive requests from family and friends to do wedding and family photo shoots and as her reputation grew, she found herself in demand in the corporate circle as well.

Maggie pursued her passion relentlessly, taking professional photography courses and workshops by professional photographers initially to sharpen her technical skills and creative acumen. She sought out business consultants to empower herself to turn her talent into a meaningful business venture. Once she decided to focus on art portraits, she identified portrait masters in Australia and the USA and learnt from them directly.

Her quest for excellence and insatiable appetite to keep growing as an artist has enabled her to develop a signature style of photography that has brought joy to many clients, ranging from dignitaries, families and senior corporate executives. Her unique style of art portraiture photography combined with oil painting techniques has led her to become one of the most sought-after portrait artists in Australia.

Driven by her passion to present to the world the beauty of the human spirit, Maggie tirelessly pursues ways to bring out the best in each photography subject. Personalization and attention to detail is Maggie’s hallmark; from utilizing stunning hand-painted backdrops, to using fine French antique furniture and classical settings, to creative portrait enhancements and selecting hand-crafted museum-quality frames, Maggie is dedicated to creating timeless masterpieces that act as windows into the soul of the subjects she photographs.

Maggie moved to Australia in 1999. She now has her own fully equipped studio that is carefully designed to bring out the best in her clients and also allows her to be at her most creative. The focus is on creating an once-in-a-lifetime experience for every client who walks through her doors.